Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

BostonHacks Fall 2017

October 28th - 29th
Boston, MA

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Thank you!

To all our attendees, sponsors, mentors, workshop leaders, and volunteers, thank you for coming to BostonHacks and having a blast with us! 470 students came from across North America to learn through 8 workshops and many mentors. They ended up creating 51 awesome projects which you can see here.

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Welcome to Boston

BostonHacks is Boston University's annual hackathon. 400 students will come from all around North America to form teams around creating an awesome project in 24 hours. Along the way they'll learn about how to use new technologies and will build their experience as developers.

Come join us for a weekend full of workshops and learning, paired with halloween themed side events and fun.

What is a Hackathon?  


This fall, BostonHacks will offer tracks: designated pathways that guide students in building a project with a specific set of technologies. Along these lines, a comprehensive set of workshops, mentors, and learning materials will be available. Prizes specific to these tracks will also be awarded.

An additional talk will be held on Multi-party computing


Web and Mobile Development

Led by OpenWeb BU, learn how to make a website or mobile app from the ground up.


Introduction to Web Dev
Mobile Development with React Native
Advanced Javascript

Machine Learning

Led by BU’s Machine Intelligence Community, come learn how to get into the basics of several ML frameworks, and move on to more advanced topics.


Introduction to Machine Learning
Deep Learning with Keras

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Led by BU AR/VR, get a jumpstart into creating in 3D. Then create a hack on one of the Oculus Rifts we'll have available to you.


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Our event will begin in the morning on Saturday, October 28th,
and end in the afternoon on Sunday, October 29th.

Location: George Sherman Union, 2nd Floor in Metcalf Hall at
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215.

Schedule Overview


9:00am — Check-in & Registration

11:00am — Opening Ceremony

12:00pm — Lunch

1:00pm — Team Formation Event

1:30pm — Hacking Begins

6:30pm — Dinner



Midnight — Midnight Snack

7:00am — Breakfast begins

11:00am — Submissions due on Devpost*

11:00am — Lunch

12:00pm — Judging Expo

2:00pm — Closing Ceremony

3:00pm — Go home and sleep!

* You may continue working on your project until the expo begins

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

George Sherman Union, 2nd Floor in Metcalf Hall at 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215.

Who's coming?

We expect 400 to 450 hackers from all over North America to attend BostonHacks.

Who can attend?

All students are welcome. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate students under 18 this year (unless you are a BU student).

Do I need experience?

No experience necessary. We will have plenty of mentors and resources, along with several workshops targeted for beginners. Come learn and experience your first hackathon at BostonHacks!

Are there any rules?

We want to ensure a positive experience for all participants. We encourage you to read the Code of Conduct.

What should I bring?

You should bring your laptop, phone, chargers, toiletries, and optionally a sleeping bag. All food and other accommodations will be taken care of.

Can we form teams?

Of course you can! We encourage people to work in teams of up to 5 people. You may opt-in to team formation during registration which will match you with an ideal team. You can work alone, but it won't be the same.

Does it cost anything?

BostonHacks is 100% free. You don't have to spend a dime!

Will there be travel reimbursements?

We're handling travel reimbursements on a case-by-case basis. We're also working on potentially providing busses to regions like New York and Canada.

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